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I have been researching herbal treatments for over active bladder. It seems that there has been clinical research done on a mixture called Gosha-Jin-Gan. It is a blend of 10 herbs. I wanted to know if anyone else had heard or researched this compound, had any experience with it and if anyone has a source for it or it's components? If no one has any information about the Gosha-Jin-Gan is there a local substitute, keeping in mind that I now live in Tennessee.
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These are the herbs it contains:

Composition of GJG

Component %
Rehmanniae Radix 17.9
Achyranthis Radix 10.7
Coprni Fructus 10.7
Dioscoreae Rhizoma 10.7
Plantaginis Semen 10.7
Alismatis Rhizoma 10.7
Hoclen 10.7
Moutan Cortex 10.7
Cinnamomi Cortex 3.6
Aconiti Tuber 3.6

I'm not familiar with most of them. One of the projects that is high on my list of "To Dos" is to create a Western "translation" of the Chinese formulas using American plants....someday.

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