Garbling the Gumweed - Grindelia sp.

General discussion of medicinal plants and their use.
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dpropernick wrote:I am in Mesa Arizona, I've been looking for gumweed in dried plant form for some time. I finally ordered the tincture from your store. Arrives today with your new book. We ended up being without hot wqter for 3 months and there is a leaky faucet so ended up with mold. Now I have some apparently in my bronchioles. After reading the respiratory section of your online school again I went to urgent care for shortness of breath to rule out any pneumonia. There is none. So is there like a herb that you can inhale the steam of that takes out the fungus? I've been using brigham tea, lobelia alteernating with cramp bark and urgent care gave an inhaler of albuterol. I'm thinking that the anti fungal properties of gumweed will help.Suggestions?
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I would love to know what you recommended for mold exposure. I know it's complicated and multi-faceted, but I would love some advice. Many thanks!
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