Toxins in bamboo

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I recently read about the benefits of bamboo tea, and since I have access to a fishpole bamboo (aka golden bamboo, or phyllostachys aurea), I am hoping I can just dry my own leaves. Pretty much all the info on consuming bamboo I can find focuses on the sprouts. I have read all parts contain cyanic glucoside, or taxiphyllin. I’ve gathered that this substance is bitter. Some bamboo shoots are bitter to eat, others not. I havent seen it written, but wondering if less bitter=less toxin. I have read that soaking in water, cooking for 20 minutes, or drying plant material all sufficiently remove toxin. Trying to determine safest way to prepare leaves for tea, or whether to just walk away from it. Would older leaves have more? Younger leaves? Not putting anything in my cup til I know. It is a variety that is safe for cats/dogs/horses to munch.
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The only thing I know about bamboo is that it makes good flutes.
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